English STAAR tests are on April 10 + 12

English STAAR tests are on April 10 + 12
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⚠️ English 1 STAAR will be administered Tuesday, April 10, and English 2 STAAR will be administered Thursday, April 12. This is next week. Please listen to announcements and information that is shared.

BUSSES will run on NORMAL schedules on testing days. If this is THE ONLY means of transportation to school for a NON-TESTING student, students should report to the auditorium until released to 3A.

Non-testing students should report to their 3rd period class at 12:30 p.m. TARDY AT 12:30! Students should eat prior to coming to class. Non-testing students who would like to eat in the cafeteria should be on campus at 11:55. Classes in A, C, and upper K will be relocated to designated areas and rooms. Please look for an email from Mrs. Mayad.

Testing students should report to their assigned testing room no later than 8:45. Rosters have been posted in the cafeteria, the upstairs hallway connecting A & C, at the top of main hall at the “T” and the entrance of lower “M” hall. All staff has access through an email as well. Testing students will remain in their assigned room until 3:55. No early release for these students. Testing students will break for a silent lunch in the cafeteria and then return to testing according their room’s schedule. You will be able to purchase a standard lunch from the cafeteria or bring your lunch from home. No lunches will be delivered to testing students.