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Dual Credit 

Dual credit courses are courses offered to MISD students through an official agreement between Dallas County Community Colleges and MISD.  These specific, pre-approved courses meet both district and college guidelines in order to provide credit both in high school and college.  No grade points were awarded for courses not taught on the high school campus during the regular school day and specific procedures must be followed.  Currently Dual Credit English 3, English 4, Chemistry, US History, Speech, EMT, and Government are taught on Mesquite Campus.  There are other courses that are available through the Eastfield campus.  Click here for more information about dual credit through MISD.  Students will earn the required high school credit and FREE college credit that they can transfer after graduation.  Student must complete the application process, have approval from their counselor and meet minimum test score requirements.  If a student is not TSI exempt, they will be required to meet a minimum score requirement on the ACCUPLACER test.  Click here for study tools and how to prepare for the ACCUPLACER.
If you are interested in participating in dual credit, please stop by the Advanced Academics Center (quad room) and pick-up a Dual Credit Contract and information from Mr. Gonzalez.

Dual Credit Courses currently available through MISD