When your student is sick...

The decision to keep your sick child home can be difficult

Here are some things to consider:

  • If your child is exhibiting symptoms of contagious conditions please keep them home, symptoms may include:
    • vomiting or diarrhea more than twice in the previous 24 hours
    • temperature of 100 or more in the previous 24 hours
    • red eyes with purulent (thick and goopy) drainage
  • Not all conditions require a visit to a medical provider, for this reason each child is issued 3 days of guardian excused absences, called "Parent Call Ins".  Please inform your school nurse or attendance if you would like to use these.
  • Notes from a medical provider will excuse the absence.
  • If a student presents to the school clinic with symptoms of a communicable (contagious) condition, I will excuse them.  Please keep in mind I have no diagnostic abilities.
  • ALL ABSENCES (including excused) accrue and will disqualify your student from Final Exam Exemption
  • Many conditions that would effect your child's ability to learn can be managed with passes, these include:
    • diagnosed bowel or bladder control problems-we can write for extra restroom time
    • Ambulatory needs (problems walking due to injuries) - extra time between classes and elevator use
    • Chronic medical conditions requiring frequent calls home or clinic visits

We want every student to be at school EVERYDAY, however, conditions do arise that keep them away. I am here to help you through that process.

Call anytime between 8:10 and 4:10

-Nadene Minyard, RN BSN
972-882-7822 or email: nminyard@mesquiteisdorg