Clubs & Organizations

Participating in clubs & organizations is a major part of being involved in student life at Mesquite High School. There are many to choose from for every type of personality and goals that students might have.

Take a look at the list to see if there is one (or more) that interest you. Please contact, or go by and see the Sponsor listed on the respective webpage to learn more about the program and how you can be included!

Clubs & Organizations

All Stars

This is an organization that requires a lot of hard work and passion to be a part of, but it’s also a very fun and rewarding experience!


Director: Christina Snider



Anime Club

Anime club is a gathering of students that share a common interest and appreciation towards Japanese culture and Japanese animated videos. The club organizes activities and short lessons to engage students in cultural appreciation as well as holding entertaining events and video viewing.


Contact Mackenzie Theall in Portable 6



Like learning more about other worlds? Want to know what you're looking at while gazing at the night sky? Join the Astronomy Club! We meet Wednesdays after school in Portable 13 (only come when we announce on social media). Hope to see you there!


Get in touch with John Kubala


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Bowling is for everyone who wants to bowl. Doesn't matter if you have a 40 or a 300 average. As long as you know which direction to roll the ball.


Get in touch with Michelle Kelley

Business Professionals of America (BPA)

Business Professionals of America is the premier CTSO (Career and Technical Student Organization) for students pursuing careers in business management, office administration, information technology and other related career fields.


Contact one of the organization sponsors: Stephanie Kramer, Lynda Ritter, Donny Coursey, Autumn Woods, or Delores Randle



Varsity Director: Shaderra James

JV Director: Lorraine Thornton


Mesquite High School Cheerleaders


If you like strategy and planning games then Chess club is for you. Stop by and learn to play chess with your friends and teachers.  Unlock your full potential for one of history’s most time honored board games.  
Learn strategies that will enable you to become the next Bobby Fischer!

We meet on Mondays @ 4:00 in room A18

Michael Walla
Randy Pool



DECA is one of the premier CTSOs (Career and Technical Student Organizations). DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.   DECA’s local involvement includes community service projects, school based enterprise involvement, fund raising events, scholarship opportunities, and field trips. 


Contact the DECA Advisor:  Ms. Bianicci


Mesquite High School attended with 6 students:  

Two teams competed in the Chapter Events in the Written Event Category

Written Event Category – Team 

Deanna Palmer - Entrepreneurship
Joseph Pollard - Entrepreneurship
Daniel Cadena – Community Service Project
Madison DeRoche - Community Service Project
Keilan Williams Community Service Project

Personal Finance Literacy Category - Individual

Aliha Diaz


All 6 students advanced to State DECA Competition in February.

Last year was the first time that MHS has ever attended the DECA District 11 Career Development Conference. The first time in MHS history that all DECA competitors earned advancement to the State Career Development Conference.  If students advance at the State Career Development Conference, they will earn a spot to compete in the International Career Development Conference (ICDC) in April that is held in Orlando, Florida.  


Deanna, Joseph, Daniel, Madison, Keilan and Aliha  


This week, MHS was awarded a Grant from MISD Education Fund for $16,055 and presented to DECA Advisor, Marie Bianicci.  These funds will help support the very first Student Store (Skeeter Stop Shop) as well as an Automated Kiosk in the Main Hall.   Both of these operations will be solely operated by the Student Organization, DECA.  These School Based Enterprises will teach the DECA students a hands on approach to Entrepreneurship as well as all the aspects of Marketing.  In addition, students can go to DECA Competition in the “Learn & Earn” Category.  


DECA opened its first ever Campus Based Enterprise, the Spirit Box with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Thursday, 9/19. The Spirit Box is an automated school store vending machine program, that provides your school community access to products they need and want in high traffic areas 24/7.  By running this real business students will learn problem-solving, finances, marketing, marketing mix, product development, customer services, and teamwork.

This is Phase I of II for school based businesses; the student store will be opening soon.

Ms. Bianicci and the DECA officers; Madison Deroche-President, Emylii Orta- Vice President, Aleixs Jones-Secretay, Bieana Gutierrez- Community Officer and Asia Stephenson- Junior Officer;  at the ribbon cutting of the Spirit Box that will be located out side the cafe' at MHS.
Marie Bianicci
MHS CTE Marketing Instructor | DECA Sponsor

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” ~ John Dewey

We are SkeeterNation!

Deanna Palmer & Joseph Pollard were semi-finalists for the Chapter Event Category – Entrepreneurship

This past weekend, The DECA State Career Development Conference was held in Downtown Dallas.

6 students earned their spot to compete in the State Competition:

Chapter Team Events: 
Deanna Palmer & Joseph Pollard – Entrepreneurship
Madison Deroche, Daniel Cadena & Keilan Williams – Community Service Project


Individual Series: 
Aliha Diaz - Personal Financial Literacy


Deanna Palmer & Joseph Pollard were semi-finalists for the Chapter Event Category – Entrepreneurship

Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts is a 4 level class dedicated to the art of cooking and the science of baking. If you love food, this is the place to be! :)


Contact Sandra Sepulveda

MHS Kid's Fit Winners

MHS Culinary Students

Three members of the Mesquite High School culinary team won the Kid's Fit menu Contest with their Party Pizza Poopers and Apple Pie Sauce.  Pictured from left to right are Carlos Ramirez, Max Chevez, Stephanie Perez (front) and instructor Sandra Sepulveda.

To read the full story, courtesy of the Mesquite News, click here.



FCA Fellowship of Christian Athletes

If you would like to meet new people, make friends, strengthen your faith and relationship with God, then please join us.

Where: Small Gym

When: Friday's before school


Sponsor(s): Sandra Sepulveda

French Club

In French Club, we explore the different aspects of the French culture including French films and cuisine, and we get the opportunity to practice our language with French students of all levels at MHS.


Get in touch with Mademoiselle Theall in Portable 6

A tout a l'heure !


GEMS is a mentorship club that works with young ladies to help them realize and reach their fullest potential. We aim to help build well-rounded, confident, successful women. Our club focuses on a wide variety of topics including self worth, self respect, financial literary, building healthy relationships, drug and alcohol awareness, and much more.


Contact Shadarra James

GEMS Official Website

National Honor Society

ALL sophomores, juniors, and seniors can be approved members of National Honor Society this fall if they have obtained certain criteria: (1) a 90 overall GPA average; (2) 25 completed service hours; (3) a good, clear discipline record; (4) no more than two B's in conduct; and (5) demonstrated leadership qualities in the past. To be considered for induction in NHS, your completed information packet must be submitted to room L112. Being NJHS in middle school DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY put you in NHS in high school.

For further information, please see Ms. Hix in L111 or Mrs. Butaineh in L112.


Download information packet


MHS NHS Application


The Swarm Press is our online newspaper which can be accessed at and Skeeter Buzz is our newsletter. Newspaper is a class of reporters and journalists who write the news and events as they happen on campus and in our communities.


Contact Karen Long

Newspaper editor: Payton Tapp
Our phone #: 972-882-7800 x6515

The Swarm Press:




The Swarm Press


Photojournalism is a class where students learn the basics about photography and where they can experiment using state of the art DSLR cameras, lighting in an indoor studio setting and where they can explore their artistic side through photographs. These young bright minds often find their inner creative side from this class. Most of them become long time lovers of the art of photography and some of their photos are used in our yearbooks and on the Newspaper website and newsletter.


Contact Karen Long

Skeeter Reader Book Club

We build a community of readers and have service projects at elementary schools to promote reading. If you love reading, this is the place to be!


Contact our school librarian: Sharon Harman


Spanish Club

Interested in learning about the Spanish culture?


Get in touch with Alli Clements


TSA (Technology Student Association)

TSA or Technology Student Association is a local, regional, state, and national organization focused around the promotion of student activities in the STEM, Arts&AV, and manufacturing clusters. Students have a chance to participate in local events, develop leadership skills, and compete in a multitude of events.


Contact: Mr. Broussard or Mr. Coursey


Yearbook is a class that designs, creates, and publishes the MESQUITE-O yearbook by capturing moments that are seeded in time forever. Yearbooks are a historical print rich media of that years events.


Yearbooks are on sale now!!!

 To pre-order your book before supplies run out. Stop by room K16 and pick up an order form. 

Order on line HERE


Contact Ms. K. Long

Yearbook editor: Angelina Boykins